Meet The CEO

Tamika Mahone is the CEO of Kid Goalz LLC. She is a wife, mom of 2 boys, and an educator. Tamika’s goal is to inspire her children and others to set their goals high and don't stop until you reach them. No goal is ever out of reach, just don't quit! As her grandmother would say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

At a young young age, Tamika always knew she wanted to be a teacher and remembers being so excited to share her goals with everyone who would listen. She would write it down all over her notebooks and force her cousins to play "school" and she would always be the teacher. Tamika's grandmother supported her goals and did all she could to consistently motivate and empower her to keep going until she reached her goal. That's exactly what Tamika wants to do with Kid Goalz. Inspire. Motivate. Speak it into existence. 

Aside from being a teacher and empowering others, she is also a wife and the mother of two boys, Keith Jr. and Karter J. Tamika believes motivation starts when kids are young. She encourages her boys daily, to be the best they can be and to always reach for the stars. Keith Jr.’s goal is to be a Police Officer and Karter's goal is to be a fire fighter. Tamika believes you can do anything you set your mind to and plans to be the one to help kids, all around the world, reach their GOALZ!